Designing from a perspective beyond conceivable one, is something that sets me apart.

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Competition is impetuous these days. Businesses, large or small, are dying more rapidly than ever. That’s why I, Mohak Ahuja, am here to help you cut through the noise, stay highly relevant in the market and make an everlasting impression on your customers with following graphic design services: Logo design | Branding or Re-Branding | Social media posts/covers/banner ads/etc. | Marketing materials be it on print or digital medium | Illustrations


Glowcanvas is an alias of my business, founded on November 16, 2012. Designing is not just a job for me but what I love to do. This is why I add my personal commitment to any project I take. Working closely with clients, understanding their pain points to help them resolve right and establishing life-long business connections is what I love to do. My talent and experience are aligned to offer my customers the best of both personally and commercially focused creativity. I tweak it till you love it! So, sit back and reminisce, I’m here to help you.